Russian translation rates

You don’t always have to pay a premium price for quality translation and interpretation services. We are among the best in the industry, but we are definitely not the most expensive, being able to offer very affordable Russian translation rates. It is not that we undercharge in order to get more and more projects; our working model is so efficient and evolved that we are able to save both time and money at our end and then transfer that benefit to you.

Russian translation ratesWe are sure you can understand every project is unique and hence requires a unique quote. Every project has its own level of involvement, although when it comes to commitment no project is too big and too small for us.

Russian translation rates may vary according to

  • Language: although there is not much difference in terms of rates when it comes to translating Russian it may make a slight difference.
  • Quantity: the rates can increase or decrease according to the quantity of translation required. Large projects qualify for handsome discounts.
  • Timeframe and urgency: in order to give priority to your work we may have to hire extra help or ignore other translation and interpretation opportunities; they sometimes forces us to charge more for projects requiring urgency.
  • Research work: some translation projects require us to carry out extensive research. This can affect the way we charge you.
  • Digital file formats: some digital file formats require us to use special software and this may need a particular specialty.
  • Delivery method: you can ask the translated documents to be delivered via the Internet or the regular post. The rates will alter accordingly.
  • Subject matter: some subjects need extra qualifications and experience. For instance high level subjects like medicine, science and technology may cost you more than regular subjects like business, accounting and reporting.

All these factors are taken into consideration while arriving at a mutually agreeable price. Again, we would love to give you discounts for larger projects.

We accept payments by wire, PayPal, Moneybookers and cheques. In special cases we can also provide you small work samples.

Note: contact us for no obligation quote.