Professional Russian Translation

What makes us the right Russian translation and interpretation service for you?

3R-Translations is a family business based in Vancouver, British Columbia, that strives to provide you world-class Russian translation and interpretation services no matter where you are in the world. Want to reach the massive Russian market or the audience? We can help you achieve that.

Russian translation services - 3RtranslationsDo we simply provide Russian translation and interpretation services because we are native speakers of these languages? Hardly. Each of our team members individually holds a Master’s degree in linguistics. Additionally we have second diplomas in as diverse fields as business, information technology, marketing, medicine and engineering.

We are highly competitive and always hungry for new and challenging translation and interpretation assignments. We are all computer-savvy and are totally at ease with all the contemporary translation tools and software. Another ability that sets us apart from other translation services is that we are extremely comfortable with the English language – in fact as comfortable as native English speakers. This helps us not only grasp the words that have been written but also the inherent meaning of the text because that is more important than sentences and paragraphs. We can create and replicate the same impact in all the languages we deal with.

Here is a compilation of our overall abilities as competitive Russian translators and interpreters:

  • We are trained Russian translators and interpreters with university degrees in linguistics and translation and over 10 years experience working in various national and multinational organizations as in-house translators.
  • We are totally comfortable in English.
  • And, oh well, we are all native Russian and speakers.

3R-Translations has so far worked with major national and international translation agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations from Russia as well as from North America, Europe and other parts of the world.

Although we primarily have extensive experience translating documents from the IT and finance industry we have had experience editing, proofreading and translating myriad topics such as web designing, search engine optimization, e-commerce, advertising, contracts, terms and conditions, balance sheets, agreements, memorandums and other legal documents, software localization, international relations, instructional design, and educational materials. We are specially trained in delivering extremely large assignments that have tight schedules and deadlines.

What about our price policy?

Being highly skilled and knowledgeable doesn’t make us expensive for you. Our pricing policy is highly flexible and customizable. We love to offer big discounts to repeat customers and customers that provide us large quantities of work. Contact us for a no-obligation free quote.

Our main areas of expertise as Russian translators and interpreters encompass:

  • Computers and hardware
  • IT, telecommunications and software localization
  • Medical and pharmaceuticals
  • Economy, finance and law
  • Ecology and environment
  • Industrial equipment and transportation
  • Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Our other plus points are:

  • We have 24-hour broadband connection with dial-up connection as a backup
  • We are totally comfortable with CAT translation software like Trados, MemoQ, Transit and Wordfast.
  • We are adept at handling all sorts of word processing and desktop publishing jobs including all the languages mentioned above.
  • Our English is as proficient as that of a native English speaker
  • We can work under tight schedules and adapt ourselves according to your requirement extremely fast.
  • We can deliver your documents in all major computer file formats
  • The combined experience of all our translators constitutes of more than 10000000 words translated between the three languages mentioned on this page.

As an experienced and dedicated translation and interpretation service you can totally trust us with your confidential information – we completely understand how vital and critical the requirements of secrecy is sometimes.

So if you need a world-class Russian translation and interpretation service do contact us whenever you feel like and we assure you that you will be soon hooked to our professionalism and commitment.